(03.06.2017): A chance at parole for Louisiana lifers who have changed since their juvenile crimes

In 1993, Louis Gibson was arrested at age 17 for murder and sentenced to life without any chance of parole. Today, Gibson, 41, is a model inmate, one of a select few living at the Louisiana State Police Inmate Barracks in Baton Rouge, where he does maintenance on State Police aircraft. Until recently, it seemed he would die in prison. He was convicted of killing another teenager, a friend he’d grown up with. But two bills passed through the Louisiana Senate and House could give Gibson and about 300 other „juvenile lifers“ a chance at parole. First, though, legislators must resolve differences between the House and Senate versions of Senate Bill 16, sponsored by Sen. Dan Claitor, R-Baton Rouge. The Senate version promises parole eligibility for juvenile lifers after 25 years; the House version offers it after 30.

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