Ioan Durnescu (2017): The five stages of prisoner reentry

Ioan Durnescu, former CEP Board Member and professor and researcher at the Bucharest University, wrote a paper on the five stages of reentry that prisoners go through after they get released from prison. The research was done on 58 former prisoners from the Jilava prison in Bucharest.

With his paper ‘The five stages of prisoner reentry’ Mr. Durnescu wanted to find out if former prisoners develop a strategy for their reintegration into the society after they are released. He also wanted to see if there was a difference between people that reoffend and those who don’t. “We know from the literature that there is a shock when someone is imprisoned, but there is a shock after the release as well. We wanted to see how they negotiate with it and if they develop some kind of tactic or strategy”, said Mr. Durnescu. While doing research he wanted to find out if there was a difference between Romanian and Roma ex-prisoners as well.

Weitere Informationen sowie den Download des Artikels von Ioan Durnescu finden Sie auf der Seite von CEP – Confederation of European Probation

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