(10.08.2017): Australia’s prison system isn’t working. It needs urgent attention

CRIMINAL justice is costing us a motza but we don’t feel safer.

Nationally, we have less crime but jail more people; we have more police but greater security fears and more products of our corrections centres are returning to prison than staying straight.

The need for recalibrating the criminal justice system has never been greater.

By almost every measure, Australia’s corrections systems are failing to serve the purpose they were designed for: to correct, rehabilitate and deter others.

A report released this week by independent public policy think tank the Institute of Public Affairs shows Australia is indeed an island where our penal system is concerned.

Australia’s Criminal Justice Costs: An International Comparison found Australia was outstripping almost every OECD nation on spending per prisoner, we are jailing more people and employing more police — but we still feel unsafe.

The system is surely bent, if not broken.

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